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How to Spot a Great Used Car Deal

How to Spot a Great Used Car Deal

Choosing a used car can be an expensive exercise. We’ve compiled seven top tips to help pave the way for a seamless buying experience. Read on for all the details.





This is essential before you even begin your search for a great used car. Establish the main reasons for needing a car before setting a realistic budget. Will it be for commuting, family trips, or business? Used cars are usually more cost-effective than brand-new vehicles. Always remember to include additional costs. Buying a car isn’t a once-off expense. Car insurance, registration, taxes, maintenance and repair costs should all be taken into consideration.




The internet provides facts (and fiction) at our fingertips. Research different car brands and models on reputable websites. Determine your non-negotiable factors, such as fuel economy, safety, performance levels, technology, and resale pricing. Don’t forget to read consumer reviews and car expert articles to obtain more comprehensive information.




Source reputable sellers. Cars can be purchased through dealerships or via private sellers. Only approach reputable dealerships offering a range of certified pre-owned vehicles. Although these cars tend to be more costly, a certified vehicle has undergone rigorous inspection checks and also includes warranties. Private sellers can be cheaper, but they can also be the riskier option. Ensure the vehicle’s history and maintenance reports are valid before any money is exchanged. Always obtain a vehicle history report before making a decision. This important report includes the ownership records and accident history. 





Don’t hesitate to check the vehicle yourself, even if you have limited knowledge in this area. A general vehicle inspection should always be done before purchasing. Is there evidence of rust? Is this damage to the exterior or interior of the vehicle? Has the car been repainted recently? Does the engine appear damaged? Are the interior controls fully operational? 


Test Driving


The car’s overall performance can only be evaluated properly during a test drive. Take note of the effectiveness of the braking and acceleration. How does the car handle itself on the road? How comfortable is the experience? Driving the vehicle yourself will provide a much clearer assessment before making your decision.




Remember that the advertised price is usually just a starting point. Knowledge is power -  once you’ve researched the vehicle’s history and inspection checks, you should be able to negotiate the car’s price confidently. Don’t hesitate to stop the negotiations if the seller isn’t willing to drop the price. 




Read through the contract carefully before making the purchase. Having a sound understanding of the warranty and the terms and conditions is essential before spending your hard-earned money. It’s also good to check online if the used car has any outstanding recalls.


Keep these tips in mind during your used car search. Don’t rush into making an expensive decision. Visit Ontario Auto Outlet - our professional staff will guide you in spotting great used car deal!

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